JadiCells for CTE/TBI/Parkinson's

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JadiCells for CTE/TBI/Parkinson's

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03-07-2022 Treatment of Trauma Associated Cognitive Dysfunction Using Mesenchymal Stem Cell Apoptotic Bodies and Compositions Thereof

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Disclosed are means, treatments and compositions of matter useful for treatment of chemotherapy/radiotherapy associated cognitive dysfunction. In one embodiment the invention provides the administration of mesenchymal stem cell apoptotic bodies alone or in combination with “regenerative adjuvants” to prevent and/or reverse cognitive dysfunction associated with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. In other embodiments the invention teaches the utilization of stem cell apoptotic bodies for induction of neuroregeneration directly or indirectly.

10-11-2021 Umbilical Cord Derived Regenerative and Immune Modulatory Stem Cell Populations

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The present invention provides universal donor cellular populations derived from umbilical cords possessing ability to elicit immune modulation and evoke regeneration when administered into a mammalian host. Generation of cellular products for clinical use are provided including methodologies of expansion, characterization, and means of therapeutic implementation.

08-11-2021 Induction of Neurogenesis using Umbilical Cord Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Derivatives Thereof

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Disclosed are means, compositions of matter and protocols useful for treatment of neurological dysfunctions through stimulation of adult neurogenesis using administration of umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells such as JadiCells. In one embodiment viral induced neuropathy is reduced by administration of JadiCells to stimulate neurogenesis. In another embodiment the neurogenic activity of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is enhanced by administration of JadiCells. In some embodiments administration of JadiCell exosomes, conditioned media, microvesicles and/or apoptotic bodies is utilized to stimulate neurogenesis.

07-06-2021 Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease by Immune Modulation and Regenerative Means

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Disclosed are means, methods and compositions of matter for treatment Parkinson’s Disease through concurrent immune modulation and regenerative means. In one embodiment Parkinson’s Disease is treated by augmentation of T regulatory cell numbers and/or activity while concurrently providing regenerative cells such as mesenchymal stem cells, and/or dopamine secreting cells. In one embodiment administration of immunoglobulins such as IVIG together with low dose interleukin-2 and/or low dose naltrexone is disclosed as a preparatory means prior to administration of therapeutic cells such as stem cells. Other therapeutic means utilized in an adjuvant manner are also provided for hormonal rebalancing, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and deep brain stimulation.

10-27-2020 Protection/Regeneration of Neurological Function by Endothelial Protection/Rejuvenation using Stem Cells for Treatment of Conditions such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Schizophrenia

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Disclosed are therapeutic compounds, protocols, and compositions of matter useful for treatment of neurological conditions. In one embodiment the invention teaches the treatment of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) through protecting/regenerating the endothelial by administration of cells such as stem cells. In one embodiment stem cells are administered in order to protect the endothelium from apoptosis and to preserve the blood brain barrier. In another embodiment stem cells are administered together with endothelial progenitor cells in order to regenerate neural endothelium. In other embodiments preservation of brain integrity in conditions of degeneration is accomplished by administration of stem cells and/or endothelial cells.
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