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JadiCell: 1/2a mentioned

Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 12:36 pm
by TradersTrader ... 22-02810-6

Are TSI’s cells/acquired IND/trial mentioned?
When will TSI be granted the bright spotlight they deserve…
Interesting article, here’s a few pull quotes…

“In addition to these case reports and clinical studies, three research groups have demonstrated outcomes from a more strictly designed phase I/II double-blind RCT. Giacomo et al. tested a single-center, double-blind, phase 1/2a, RCT of UC-MSC infusions in treatment of 12 COVID-19 ARDS patients compared with 12 patients who received two infusions of vehicle. Patients in these two groups received comparable standard care. There was no significant difference in infusion-associated AEs between these two groups, and no serious AEs that are linked to UC-MSC infusion were observed; this indicates the safety of UC-MSC infusions. UC-MSC treatment was associated with significantly improved patient survival, SAEs (SAE)-free survival, and time to recovery.”

“MSCs are considered to be a candidate for treating CSS and repairing damaged lung tissues due to their multiple potent activities, including anti-inflammation, immunomodulation, and ability to secrete soluble vesicles and multiple growth factors. Promising outcomes have been reported from ongoing clinical trials involving MSC treatment for COVID-19: (1) patients were safe and well-tolerated after treatment with MSCs that were generated from various sources with a wide range of doses, (2) improvements were observed in patients after MSCs treatment, such as through decreasing circulating levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and laboratory parameters, better lung inflammation absorption, and (3) MSCs-treated patients had faster increase in SpO2, a shorter hospital stay, and a higher survival rate. However, some scientific and clinical questions remain to be addressed. For example, what are the exact mechanisms underlying the MSCs’ treatment of COVID-19 patients? Which source of MSCs is the best for this treatment? At which stage will COVID-19 patients have the best outcomes as a result of MSCs treatment? Are there any COVID-19 patients who should not receive MSCs treatment? Can MSCs treatment reduce the long-term residual adverse effects associated with COVID-19 infection? In addition, will the combinatory therapy of MSCs with other supportive drugs work better than the single use of each individual treatment? Apart from cell-based therapy, exosome vesicles, and secretome of MSCs can be considered as an alternative. However, limitations of these closed trials were also acknowledged. For example, most of these trials had a small sample size and were single-arm or parallel control; they lacked a strict design such as the double-blind, randomized, placebo control with multiple centers. Also, the main and secondary evaluation criteria were not uniform, and the long-term follow-up was not carried out.”

You don’t say….

The general mechanisms of action of MSCs include immunomodulation and tissue repair capability (antifibrosis and angiogenesis), and current preliminary clinical results of MSC-based therapies have shown some favorable outcomes[100% SURVIVAL HELLO!!!] for severe and critically severe COVID-19 patients, thus making it a promising therapy[YA THINK?!?]. However, double blind RCTs with large sample sizes are still required to thoroughly examine the safety and efficacy of MSCs [👍🏼 GETTING THERE FOLKS!] and each specific MSC product [JADICELL IS KING]. Nevertheless, MSC-based therapies during a global pandemic brings hope [BINGO!!] to combating COVID-19 and in meeting urgent [🙏🏼] medical needs, although a variety of challenges still lay ahead.

Bring on the JadiCell Phase III Trial/Results then revisit the content available via UC-MSC/ARDS/COVID TSOI 😎

Boy…can’t wait. 👌🏼

Re: JadiCell: 1/2a mentioned

Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 1:32 pm
by TimGDixon
What can I say... living in that trailer has its advantages of course...

Re: JadiCell: 1/2a mentioned

Posted: Fri May 20, 2022 8:03 am
by TradersTrader
🤣 I bet…..

Re: JadiCell: 1/2a mentioned

Posted: Fri May 20, 2022 8:24 am
by TimGDixon